Discussing the latest Android mobile phone technology

Within the mobile phone market you may well have noticed for the past decade or so the industry has been mostly dominated by the Apple and Blackberry smart phones. With this in mind over the past couple of years the HTC Android phones have become more and more popular and are now just as popular as the two leading industry phones on the market. Due to this fact we thought it may be quite beneficial if we offered you a list of what we feel are the top five Android phones on the market so you can now enjoy them like we do.

The top phone that we have found from HTC Android is the Samsung Galaxy S2 which was voted smart phone of the year in 2012. The phone is extremely lightweight and slick looking and features some of the best tools and applications of any mobile phone we have looked at. The phone incorporates a state of the art 4.3mp digital camera which is of very high quality which makes full use of the Amoled picture display that is featured on the phone. The phone runs many multiple programmers with ease at it has a built in 1.2GHz dual core processor which it makes full use of. The next Android phone we would like to bring to you attention is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is the second edition of the Google Nexus S which received many rave reviews from around the mobile phone world. The phone itself has a monster 4.6 inch screen which makes use of the super Amoled panel for full high definition integration and due to this the picture is simply stunning.

The phone also has one of the best wi-fi and 3G connections I have ever experienced and is literally lightening quick when compared to other phones. The third phone we will look at is the HTC Sensation XE which again is a very good and very smooth running smart phone. The phone has the benefit of being very slim line and lightweight and is extremely durable from its basic structure to screen protection. Again the internet and 3G connections with this phone are super quick and would be sure to have you amazed by the quality of it even in the most rural areas. Forth on our list is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S smart phone which itself has sold as many units as any other smart phone and is worth every single penny to say the least. It has one of the best cameras and internet connection I have ever experienced and is hard and durable which is always of benefit if you tend to drop your phone a lot. The phone also runs very smooth and handles multiple tasks without any problems and this truly is a great an all round phone for anyone. For more information on the range of sony mobile phones please visit http://www.sonymobile.com/gb/

The final phone we would like to discuss is the Samsung Galaxy Ace which features touch screen technology which is expressed on a high definition screen of extremely high quality. The phone also features a 5.0mp digital camera which makes full use of the HD display and the photos are of such high quality you would have never thought they would have come from a mobile smart phone. Many people have found this phone to be one of the most durable and high performance phones on the market hence why it has been nominated for many prestigious awards since its first release. All the above smart phones in our eyes are the best you could possibly wish for when talking about Android mobile phones so we hope that this will be of use for you when it comes to choosing your next upgrade or taking your first steps into the mobile phone market. You will find many more reviews and information available within our website so we also hope that you make full use of this for the future.