An Overview of the Latest Mobile News

As you may well know the mobile phone industry changes every day and each of these days more and more mobile devices become available to you the consumer. Many of these new mobile phones include all new features that are driven to bringing your custom to the developers companies and by this expanding profit. Although at times many of the features can seem useless to many there are a huge amount of features that are given to us that really do make a difference. In this article I will look at discussing the latest mobile news in regards of phones and providing you with all the latest innovations that are being sent your way. The most requested issue that we just have to discuss first is the emergence of the 4G technology in many new mobile phone releases across the board. 4G in its simplest form stands for forth generation and is just this with its predecessor 3G quickly going out of fashion due its limited connection capabilities.

This new technology will allows users to access internet based content much quicker and smoother than ever before which will be greeted with open arms by the large majority of mobile phone users. This will allow the user to access video and audio footage from websites like Youtube and so on faster than ever before and the whole process will be seamless throughout. This will eliminate periods of buffering and video crashes which can be rather disappointing and if we are honest quite annoying. This new innovation will also offer the user a much securer service and also will allow quicker and easy downloads than ever before. As you can see this great new advancement in the way mobile phones connect to the internet is a great and very desirable improvement for the industry and we cannot wait to see how effective it is in the long term. A great resource for Educational Mobile Apps can be found on the Official Google Apps for Education website.

The next piece of mobile phone related news we would like to discuss is Apple WWDC iOS6 Passbook App which enables the user to transform their IPhone into what only can be described as a virtually e-wallet. This all new innovation will allow users to use their phone for service such as airplane boarding passes and also cinema tickets as once any of these have been purchased the user will receive a bar code which they will then be able to get scanned on arrival. A peculiar innovation you may think but this new service has the potential to become one of the most used services of all in regards to the industry. If you would like to view some great Mobile Applications, we recommend you visit a free resource for Mobile Apps –

As we are discussing mobile phones we thought we would like to finish this week’s news with a quick review of the latest phone to hit the market that we have reviewed which the Samsung Galaxy S3 is. We have spent hours reviewing this excellent phone and have found it to be most certainly one of the best available on the market today due to its ease of use right the way to its durability and reliability. First things first this phone is extremely lightweight at 133g and the perfect size at 136H x 70W x 8.6D so it can be transported anywhere at ease. The phone also has an extremely good built in camera which provides crystal clear and highly detailed photos and videos with its 8mp digital lens. We have also found this phone to be extremely quick running and can handle a multitude of tasks parallel with ease so you will have no problem streaming audio whilst writing an email and so on.  The phone has other great benefits such incorporating in16gb of built in memory for you to store all your data on. We also found that this phone rarely dropped signal and we were able to make and receive calls in even the most rural areas which again was of great benefit. I would highly recommend this phone and I will sure be getting one when I am due a renewal.