Latest  Mobile Games for 2013 – Mobile Game Trends

As you may well be aware the mobile games industry has fast become one of the most popular and profitable industries in the world today with more and more games being released into the market. As there are so many games to choose from in the industry we thought it may be advantageous if we provided you with a brief review of some of the most highly anticipated games due for release this year.

With this in mind the first game due for release in 2013 is the Final Fantasy Dimensions game which provides a new and highly entertaining edition of this extremely popular retro game. This game is a futuristic based adventure game that allows players to embark on one of the most challenging adventures of the series. Players will be charged with completing a wide variety of missions as they attempt to lead their friends to safety from the evil hordes who are hell bent on your destruction. The game showcases some brilliant and innovative new graphics which really do make the game come to life and we are sure you will not be disappointed in any way with this title. All in all this title is highly entertaining and extremely challenging to say the least and we are sure if you are a fan of previous editions then this will be right up you street.

The next game due for release this year which we think will be a huge hit among the world of gamers is the Pocket Planes game. This all new game is basically an airplane simulator which allows players to manage and grow their very own fleet of airplanes where they must transport as much cargo as they possibly can to gain points. The game has some incredible graphics but much more than this is highly addictive as it is extremely challenging and will take every ounce of your concentration to be successful. Another great game which is due for release this year is The Dark Knight Rise which sees the return of the caped crusader to the mobile gaming world and this is one of the most highly anticipated games releases of the year. The game sees players once again thrust into the battle between good and evil as they attempt to lead Batman to victory and save the city from these evil tyrants. Players will be tasked with completing a wide variety of missions where they must defeat the dynamic duos sworn enemies in any way they can. The game itself is highly addictive and very challenging and features some of the most jaw dropping and visually stunning graphics of any game of this platform and we are more than sure that it will be a huge hit with gamers all over the world.

The next game we feel deserves more than a mention is The Amazing Spiderman Game which sees the return of the webbed offender in what could prove to be one of his most challenging and entertaining games to date. The game allows players to become their hero as they attempt to lead him to victory over many of his arch rivals. You will be required to complete a wide variety of missions which will lead you to the final showdown with Spiderman’s most deadly enemy so you will need to be on the top of your game if you are to survive. This game is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year and it has received many great reviews from leading game reviewers from all over the world. The games graphics are simply immense and very smooth running and you will find that they really do add so much to the game when compared to previous versions. The game play is also very good and easy to follow and the controls also are easy to pick up allowing you to get straight into the action without any delay.

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