The Latest Mobile Technology Trends – Mobile Phones

New Mobile Phones – Over the past few years and mainly due to the huge rise in popularity of mobile phones we have seen a dramatic rise in the amount of mobile phones that are now being released into the market by many of the leading creators of these excellent devices. With this in mind we have set out to list what we feel are some of the best mobile phones on the market today as to give you a better idea on what services they include.

The first of these devices we feel we just have to discuss as in our eyes it is the best is the HTC Wildfire S smart phone as we have found it to be just perfect in every way. The Wildfire is made up of one of the most durable bodies of any phone and it is incredibly hard to damage which is always a great advantage when dealing with mobile phones. The phone also implements the all new HTC Sense 2.1 feature as well as a fully integrated and capacitive touch screen which is far superior to other phones on the market. Another great benefit of this phone is that it has a brilliant built in camera which offers the user the opportunity to grab great photos at ease wherever they are. The phone also has very good processing power and can handle many multiple tasks at ease whether it is sending emails whilst streaming video or sms messaging whilst in a phone calls.

The touch screen has also been improved greatly when compared to other HTC models and is now more accurate than ever and you will not find that finger prints and other grease based marks effect your screen in regards of control than previous models. The Wildfire is also much lighter than other phones and weighs in at 105g compared to the general weight of smart phones which is generally 118g. The phone also has very good battery life and can be used for up to ten hours during call time and messaging and under minimum use the battery can last as long as three days which is another great advantage to this phone overall. We have given this phone a rating of 9/10 as we feel it offers everything and more that a user could wish for. For more information on this mobile phone please visit the Official HTC Smartphone Website.

The next phone on our list is the extremely popular Samsung Galaxy S2 which has just been released onto the market. This exceptional new phone features some of the fastest reaction times I have ever seen as well as a slim design and high definition video recording. The phone itself incorporates a 1.2Ghz processor which powers all the functions on the phone at ease and you will find that multi tasking has never been so easy. You will also noticed with this phone the reduction of background noise during phone calls as now it offers one of the most crystal clear voice calling systems on offer anywhere. The phone again is very lightweight at 100g and extremely slim line so having it in a pocket and so on is never a problem as you will hardly notice it there which is great unless you are one of those people who have a tendency to lose phones regularly.

One of the main draws of this phone apart from the basic functions is the implementation of a 1080 high definition camera which has by far the best capabilities of any phone ever released. This also stretches to the video recording system so you can now enjoy visually stunning photos and videos whenever you want them. The screen is also a very good size at 4.3” and again very durable which can be of great benefit to those who drop their phones a lot. The Galaxy also offers the use of a HDMI out port so the user can now connect their phones to their television simply and enjoy their videos at their leisure. We have again rated this phone as 9/10 as it is simply brilliant and I would have no problem purchasing this phone when my own contract is up soon. More Information can be located on the Samsung Smartphones Website.